Press Release: AMC Partnership

St. Louis, Mo. – American Midwest Conference (AMC) commissioner William J. Wolper announced a three-year partnership with CSTT Sport Travel making the Canadian-based travel professionals the first corporate partner of the Conference.

The partnership outlines that CSTT Sport Travel will assist in securing the appropriate number of accommodations to sufficiently house all road travel while guaranteeing the lowest available group rate. Sport Travel will provide coaches the opportunity to book by phone or online, and access to an online database to allow them to monitor rooming lists and accommodation information.

“Our coaches wear so many hats; recruiting, coaching, scouting, game planning need to account for the majority of their time. In the past, coaching staffs needed to spend countless hours making travel arrangements,” Wolper said. “Through our partnership with Sport Travel, we are able to save them significant time arranging their travel so they can spend more time in the ‘traditional’ coaches’ role, and quite possibly save them some money at the same time.”

CSTT Sport Travel has become an industry leader in event management and sports accommodations. Since its incorporation in 1998, CSTT has revolutionized the industry through innovative execution of events across North America.

“CSTT Sport Travel is proud to be the official accommodations partner of the American Midwest Conference. We understand sports and team travel and look forward to working with all of their coaches to make the process as easy as possible,” CSTT Sport Travel President Gary Curgin said.

The AMC has two account representatives working with their coaches – Scott Johnston and Lauren Scafe, both of whom can be contacted at [email protected]. For more information on CSTT Sport Travel, visit its web site