Youth sports aren’t just for kids anymore

As the holiday season passes. Diligent parents continue to bus their children across the country to holiday tournaments, games, and practices. A thankless job all parents embrace the moment they complete registration at the beginning of each season.

Times have changed. A generation of parents spent countless hours on the sidelines or in the stands but somewhere along the line we have strayed from the path. Standard business hours have grown longer, commute times continue to consume more and more hours within a day, and social time is nearly non-existent. Society as a whole has placed more emphasis on financial growth and prosperity. The declining value of time is leading to increased levels of stress and unhealthy lifestyles.

Through my time coaching youth I have witnessed a growing phenomenon among the parents on each team that reflect the opposite reasons parents place their children into sport in the first place. Let’s review a couple of the reason’s parents place their kids into sport: