baltimore riots left stadium empty

Vice: Baltimore Riots are Just the Beginning

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Vice: Baltimore Riots are Just the Beginning

The unfortunate death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore last week sparked citywide outrage in downtown Baltimore. The Baltimore riots have garnered a great deal of press, but it wasn’t until yesterday that it took center stage in the sports world and overshadowed the Game 7 match up between the Detroit Red Wings and Tampa Bay Lightning. As Jorge Arangure Jr. notes in the below article Camden Yards, which played home to its first game without fans yesterday, was actually an early target of the riots late last week.

Jorge goes on to outline the what may lie ahead for sporting teams. The cost of attending a sporting event has continued to grow in order to compensate players, staff, and build fancy new stadiums. When will the price hike become too much for the average fan to bare? When will it spill over into the streets like it has this past week in Baltimore? As the article discusses this far fetched spectacle has never been so close to becoming reality.

Baltimore’ Empty Stadium Is Just the Beginning- Vice Sports

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