Event Management


Photo by:  s.yume

For 15 years CSTT has been offering the sports industry its expertise and experience by providing a level of excellence with its industry leading event management services.

During that period CSTT has proudly supported over 800 different organizations and their past events. Each organization ranging from Minor Sports annual tournaments to World Championships.

Our dedication team has  established long and meaningful partnerships with many sports organizations and their memberships as well as the teams, hotels, restaurants, and officials that allow us to make each event a success.

It is our intent to provide services leading to sustainable and long standing events for our clients. CSTT’s services range across a wide spectrum of sports, venues, geographic locations, years, and seasons.

With the help of our partners CSTT will play an integral role in the planning, execution, and ultimately success of your event while eliminating the organizations need to manage the following:




Sanctioning (where necessary) 




Sponsorship (where applicable) 

Venue rental(s)



CSTT’s high standard will produce results that participants, sponsors, and organizations will be proud to have been a part of!

For more information contact Tyler Childs or call our Toll Free Number: 1-800-304-6346 x 337