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Sport-Travel has over 15 years of experience in the travel and event industry. We are proud partners of thousands of events around the globe.

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Whether you prefer to book online or by phone we have you covered. Our dedicated team is delighted to answer any questions you have about your hotel options.

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Sport-Travel is a preferred partner of the world’s major and minor hotel brands. Our team sources a range of properties to ensure your teams have the best selection of price and amenities to fit your needs.


Our team at Sport-Travel has over 18 years of experience in the travel and event industry. Our desire to provide value to event’s and teams comes from years of handling events, their teams, and their accommodations.


Every room booked through our platform is tracked and recorded for you to see. We will even give you access to see what teams have booked to help you manage your event properly.

Quick Payment

Receiving your payment is quick and easy. You will receive your sponsorship from Sport-Travel within 30-days after the completion of your event.