The Prosperity Project

As a part of the youth sport and tourism space for my entire life, I’ve seen everything. From the impact, it can have on small towns or small business to the big business and corporate empires that have become commonplace today. What I have learned is that all size, shapes, and types of business can survive given the right tools and a good understanding of their market. Events fail every day (or weekend) and big business can survive these missteps and they can be avoided if you set your business up for success. 

That’s why we are offering a brand new tool to help make sure you are set up for success. We know you are busy and we know you don’t have time to spend reviewing your entire business. So let us do it for FREE.

The Prosperity Project is a cool new venture where we are providing a FREE analysis of your event or event business. All you have to do is provide the following information and our team will break down the follow categories of your business and give you a 5-star rating for each (featured below).

This is a year-long project we are taking on to better understand the perceived expectations for event owners. You don’t just get an event overview either

As part of your entry into the project, you will receive an invitation to :

  • The TourneyBoss Facebook Page where other event owners, tournament directors, team, and industry partners will be able to connect to discuss best practices, new ideas, great vendors, cost-saving ideas, and ways to improve your event from top to bottom
  • An exclusive invitation to The TourneyBoss Think Tank. A Facebook group designed only for the best and brightest in our industry.
  • An episode of Tournament Talk with @Tourneyboss and @sportdashsean to highlight your tournaments, successes, and expose your business the Sport-Travel Network
  • Early access to new TourneyBoss SWAG – Coming Soon
  • Monthly Facebook Live Sessions with Sport-Travel CEO Tyler Childs
  • Early-Bird Access to a new event product coming in the Fall

Don’t forget to follow Sport-Travel (@sportdashtravel) and CEO Tyler Childs (@Tourneyboss) on all social platforms for contests, tips, and ideas.

Complete the form below to secure your spot in the Prosperity Project. Our team will immediately to start researching your event based business.

After submission, our team will contact you directly within 3-10 business day depending on the size of your business.