Top 5 Cities to Visit in the UK

Top Five Cities to Visit in the UK

Top 5 Cities to Visit in the UK


Travelling internationally is a lot of fun, especially when you are able to come across a place off the beaten path. The following 5 locations are our favorite cities to visit in the UK. They are not the first locations that come to mind when thinking about travelling across the pond to the land of tea and crumpets, but they all offer something very unique. Not only do these towns offer an unparalleled tourist experience, but they also provide teams with the opportunity to engage in a number of different sports all at different levels of difficulty.


Bath is one of Britain’s most attractive smaller cities and is located on top of a natural hot spring. The city was founded over 2000 years ago by the Legendary Roman Legions who built magnificent baths on top of the hot spring in order to ease their aches and pains. The city of Bath is also home to some of the world’s most magnificent Gregorian architecture, with over 500 of the city’s buildings considered of historical or architectural importance. The city is of such historical importance that in 1987 it was designated a World Heritage site, a rarity for an entire city.


The City of Oxford is one of the oldest and most celebrated University towns in Europe and for centuries has rivaled Cambridge for academic pre-eminence in England. The town is steeped in history as its oldest colleges date back over 750 years and little has changed inside the hallowed walls since then. The University grounds are easily navigated by foot and you can find yourself a student tour guide who will be more than willing to show you the grounds. While the University contains delightful gardens, peaceful courtyards and manicured squares, the city center is a whole other story. The industrial past of Oxford is often over looked as you will be surprised to find a bustling city filled with cultural centers, cafes and shops. This town is a must visit as you make your way across the UK.


There are few cities in England that say “Medieval” quite like York. It is still encircled by its 13th and 14th century city walls that are 4 KM long and house 4 gates. The tops of these magnificent walls contain foot paths where tourists are able to explore the top of the city. At the heart of the city lies the York Minister, one of the most beautiful gothic Cathedrals in the world. York’s rich history has been carefully woven into its modern city as every brick and beam reflects its strong heritage. The city is now an attraction for tourists beyond its history as it has a myriad of museums, restaurants and cafes that are all maintained to reflect this heritage.


Cardiff has been the capital of Wales since 1955 and has emerged as one of Britain’s leading urban centers. The city is located on the wide estuary of the River Severn and has been an important shipping hub for centuries. This vital location led to the development of a strong manufacturing industry which dominated the economy for generations. However, Cardiff has changed dramatically in recent decades and is now a lively and modern city. Nestled between an ancient fort and an ultramodern waterfront, Cardiff has developed into one of the UK’s most interesting locales. The city offers a wide range of entertainment opportunities, numerous well attended festivals and a variety of sport facilities.


Stratford-upon-Avon is most famously known as the home town of the great English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare who was born in 1564 and died in 1616. The five houses linked to his life form the centerpiece of a tourist attraction that verges on a cult of personality. The town center is extensively 16th and 17th century, surrounded by areas of greenery and charming sections of riverbank. The experiences offered by this unmistakably Tudor town range from medieval recreations and Bard themed tearooms to Shakespeare’s grave in the Holy Trinity Church. Today the town is a major theater-going destination and is home of the Royal Shakespeare Company.


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